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        • Terms and Conditions

          Terms and Conditions

          Conditions of On-line Shopping



          Carefully read these Terms and Conditions before using WWW.GETA.BG.

          If you use WWW.GETA.BG be deemed to accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions.

          If you disagree with these terms, do not use WWW.GETA.BG!

          These Terms govern the relationship between "Geta 2017" Ltd. (WWW.GETA.BG) and users of electronic (Internet) sites and services located WWW.GETA.BG domain and subdomains (Site / is seen), and using information and commercial services offered by WWW.GETA.BG (services / s) of the Site. To get the opportunity to use the services of WWW.GETA.BG, user registers on Site, which agrees fully accepts and undertakes to comply with these Terms and Conditions ..

          "Geta 2017" Ltd. is a company registered in the Republic of Bulgaria, having its registered address at: c. Sofia, ul. Prof.Ivan Georgov № 3; entered in the Registry Agency with UIC 204850051, telephone contact 02/442 07 36, email: multitherm@abv.bg.

          1 Terms and Conditions Site "Geta 2017" Ltd. (WWW.GETA.BG). 
          By completing a registration on the Site User confirms and agrees with the following:

          • Information services on the Site is provided "as in which they are published."

          • WWW.GETA.BG not responsible for the accuracy of the information published.

          • WWW.GETA.BG not responsible and does not commit to the deadlines for providing information on completed orders to the User, the status of its Members or other inquiries, questions or comments about products, availability of products, as well as damages and / or loss of profits and other losses of any kind and size occurred as a result of or due to use / inability to use (due to technical problems, prevention, decisions of the administrator and others.) on the Site.

          • WWW.GETA.BG not responsible in the event that the use of the Site or material damages occur to the user, which need repair or correction of equipment or loss of information, all costs associated with the removal of such damages be borne by the User.

          • On-line purchasing system through the site does not reflect the availability of the items at the current time of the inspection, the dynamics of turnover is as certain items and accessories, published and appearing on the Site as "available" at the time of inspection, to be exhausted in order and can not be ordered and delivered through on-line store. In all cases, WWW.GETA.BG confirms the possibility / impossibility of delivery stated in the On-line system commodity.

          • The parameters (time / method of delivery and the like) of an order by On-line system can be changed by WWW.GETA.BG is obliged to notify the User of any changes to it provided by e-mail and / or telephone number and / or by other appropriate means, within no later than the time of sending the User message delivery order to the confirmed address of the user.

          • To use the services of the Website, the User must obtain access to the World Wide Web, either directly or through other devices that access Web-based content by securing all necessary access equipment World Wide Web, including a computer, modem or other means of access to the Internet. WWW.GETA.BG not responsible for any interference or technical problems thwarted the use of the Site due to the quality of the computer equipment operated by the user.

          • When registering on the Site User provides true, accurate, current and complete information necessary to make the sale by completing all required fields on the registration form.

          • WWW.GETA.BG not responsible for false and / or incorrectly filled orders in the event that the User provide false, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete information, in addition, be entitled to refuse further access to the part of the person or all services offered on the Site.

          • Receive information provided by means of contact for products and services WWW.GETA.BG, in case you do not wish to receive such information. The user should explicitly refuse to accept the same by inquiry form and contact details on the Site.

          2 Copyright and restrictions associated with them.

          Users can use all the services offered on the Site for personal use, non-profit and provided it does not violate copyright WWW.GETA.BG or third parties directly or indirectly associated with the materials on the Site. Expressly prohibited materials posted on this Site be copied, distributed or publicly distributed in any order by users.

          WWW.GETA.BG reserves the right to assign the rights to publish materials and other information published on the Site, to third parties for additional contract in writing governing relationships between WWW.GETA.BG and the person publishing the information.

          When purchasing goods stocks subject to copyright and / or patent rights, WWW.GETA.BG not provide any additional rights of use and distribution, unless specifically mentioned rights and / or licenses from the manufacturer / distributor of the product.

          All provided by WWW.GETA.BG goods and services that are protected under the Law on the protection of copyright and related rights are made available to users in its original form and packaging medium without any influence from WWW.GETA.BG and under licenses and distribution rights provided by the manufacturers and / or distributors for their Republic of Bulgaria.

          Site links to other websites owned by third parties, are published for the convenience of users. In using such links users do not use the service provided by WWW.GETA.BG and the use of the reference site outside these Terms shall not apply.

          WWW.GETA.BG not be liable in respect of information and / or content of other sites owned by third parties, does not require or recommend the use of these sites or information posted in them. Potential risks associated with the use of such sites, worn by users.

          3 Presentation of goods and services on the Site.

          Information on the Website catalog is distributed by type groups and subgroups;

          In this page (link) to each item listed on the site provides information on the price, the main characteristics of the product and other information aimed at helping make an informed choice by consumers to purchase the product. WWW.GETA.BG not responsible for inaccuracies in the description of the goods, which do not relate to the core and characteristics of the product and is not exhaustive of the information provided.

          WWW.GETA.BG reserves the right to publish the names, models and other product information in English or another language when:

          a) There is a risk of transfer and lose valuable information about the characteristics of the goods;

          b) There is no unique generally accepted terminology in Bulgarian;

          c) the product itself is a carrier of information in English or another language, such as software, music and movies in English or another language;

          All listed prices on the site are in Bulgarian Leva and VAT included. If the product has several modifications to the page and are set price for each of the modifications. WWW.GETA.BG have the right at any time and without notice, make changes to the published products, services, prices and other characteristics of goods and users are deemed informed of these changes from the date of publication. Information on number of published products may not be updated in any case users will be notified in case of an order on the Site form for on-line purchases before delivery for no updated information on the Site relating to products ordered. Some of the information published on the Site may refer to products, services or programs that are not available and are not currently available.

          4 Purchase of goods and / or services from the Site WWW.GETA.BG

          The user has the right to purchase all the goods and services referred to on the Site WWW.GETA.BG. In carrying out the contract user may choose the type, make and model of the goods and their quantity, terms of payment, the manner and timing of delivery, according to the proposed Site opportunities.

          At any time before the final confirmation of your order by filling in the form on-line purchases, the User has the right to make changes in his chosen goods and services.

          When carrying out an order on the Site User enters into a contractual relationship with "MULTITERM Systems" Ltd. for purchase of selected item governed by these Terms, your order is considered approved after receiving confirmation from the WWW.GETA.BG containing all the above parameters and the instructions described in the Site;

          WWW.GETA.BG has the right to change prices listed on this Site at its sole discretion, at any time and without obligation to notify users in advance. User is obliged to pay the price that was shown on the site during performance of the contract, whether it is lower or higher than the updated price. In technical errors in information published on the Site, with the result that the order can not be executed, WWW.GETA.BG entitled to refuse performance of the contract will not owe another benefit of the customer, unless recovery of sums paid and / or deposited by the customer for canceled orders, if any.

          5 Payment of purchased goods and services

          If you pay in cash on delivery of the ordered and delivered goods and services User is obliged to pay at the time of delivery of WWW.GETA.BG or his agent / contractor to deliver the goods ordered its full amount under the confirmed order.

          When paying by bank transfer, User shall pay an amount equal to the value of the goods supplied to confirm an order to the bank account of "MULTITERM Systems" Ltd., referred to in the generated invoice and only after payment is confirmed as received and the bank account is credited with the corresponding amount , WWW.GETA.BG perform the delivery of ordered goods and services.

          6 Delivery of goods purchased

          The deadline for delivery of the ordered goods to the order for which payment is received to said user address is from 24 hours to 4 days after receiving confirmation of the order, the period may be extended in holidays and / or weekends the duration of the holidays. In all cases, the delay in these delivery times for which the user should be promptly notified by WWW.GETA.BG.

          Delivery of ordered goods is carried out in a manner chosen by the user, under those terms. WWW.GETA.BG reserves the right to extend these deadlines by up to seven (7) days without prior information to users, and extended periods of more than 7 (seven) days prior consent of the user, said delivery.

          WWW.GETA.BG may require additional user confirmation for your order, including telephone, fax, e-mail. If the user refuses to provide the requested information WWW.GETA.BG refusal of grant result in automatic cancellation of the contract with or without further notice to the User.

          The cost of delivery costs are borne by the User unless it is expressly stated that they will be charged to WWW.GETA.BG, and are different depending on the item ordered.

          Delivery of purchased goods by WWW.GETA.BG is done to:

          1 Address of the User. 
          2 Office of the courier "Econt"

          WWW.GETA.BG not responsible for late delivery due to circumstances beyond WWW.GETA.BG such as delays by the courier making the delivery.

          Upon shipment, the goods should be carefully reviewed by the User and / or authorized person. Upon detection of externally visible defects - damage, strokes and other damage found on delivery, consumer should in the presence of the courier immediately notify WWW.GETA.BG wire. 02/442 07 36

          Upon acceptance of delivery by the User without notes, any and all claims for consequential externally visible defects in the merchandise appear unfounded and as such should not be covered.

          When referred incorrect or wrong address, contact person and / or telephone number when filing the application, WWW.GETA.BG not responsible for the improper performance of the contract as a result of the false information from the user.

          Upon delivery of the goods, the User or any third party designated by him, shall be required to sign the accompanying documents. A third party is any person who is not the holder of the application, but accepts the goods on delivery specified by the User shipping address.

          If the user is not found within the time of delivery at the indicated address and / or there is no access to the delivery address, WWW.GETA.BG is released from its obligation to deliver the goods and consumer loses the ordered its goods to be delivered to him.

          Where the goods supplied is clearly not consistent with the stated purchase by the user and it can be found in routine examination of the goods delivered, the User has the right to ask for delivered goods to be replaced by a corresponding committed by him for purchase.

          WWW.GETA.BG reserves the right to select / change the subcontractor making the delivery, without being obliged to inform the User, as long as it does not reflect the manner and time of delivery.

          WWW.GETA.BG delivers through a subcontractor / s only on the territory of Bulgaria.

          8 Waiver of purchased goods

          The user has the right to withdraw from a distance contract or off-premises contract, without giving any reason, without compensation or penalty, within 14 days from the date on which the consumer or a third party other than the carrier and designated by him, enters into possession of the goods or the date on which the consumer or a third party other than the carrier and indicated it has entered into possession of the last item in a contract under which you order many items in one order.

          To exercise the right of withdrawal, the consumer shall notify WWW.GETA.BG for names, geographic address, if any, telephone number, fax number and email address and decided to withdraw from the contract with the unequivocal statement (eg letter sent by mail, fax or email). User applications can use standard withdrawal form, but this is not mandatory:


          Standard form for exercising the right of withdrawal (complete and return this form only if you wish to cancel your contract)


          MULTITERM Systems Ltd.

          Sofia, 3 Prof. Ivan Georgov str.

          Tel: 02/442 07 36 / e-mail: multitherm@abv.bg / WWW.GETA.BG

          email: multitherm@abv.bg

          We hereby inform / notify * that quit / * withdraw from my /

          our * contract of sale of the following goods * / provision of the following service *:



          - Ordered on * / received on * .......................................... ..............................................

          - User name / s ............................................ .................................................. .

          - Address of user / s ............................................ ................................................

          - Signature of User / s ............................................ ..............................................

          (just in case this form is on paper)

          - Date ..............................................................................................................................

          -------------------------------------------------- ----

          * Delete as appropriate. "


          In order to comply the withdrawal period of the contract, a user has to send a message to the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the deadline for withdrawal.

          If the consumer withdraws from the contract, WWW.GETA.BG will reimburse all payments received, excluding costs of delivery without undue delay and in any event no later than 14 days from the date of WWW.GETA.BG inform the user of its decision to withdraw.

          WWW.GETA.BG will perform the recovery using the same means of payment used by the user in the initial transaction, unless both parties agree on another way.

          WWW.GETA.BG reimbursed after receipt of the goods back.

          The user should send WWW.GETA.BG or return the goods without undue delay and in any event no later than 14 days after the day on which the consumer is informed WWW.GETA.BG for withdrawal from the contract.

          The deadline is met if the user send the goods back to WWW.GETA.BG before the 14-day period.

          Consumer should bear the direct cost of returning the goods

          User is responsible only to reduce the value of goods as a result of testing them other than that needed to establish the nature, characteristics and better functioning.

          9 Warranty Service

          WWW.GETA.BG responsible for any lack of conformity of consumer goods with the contract that exists in the supply of goods and occurs within two years after its delivery, even if you did not know about the discrepancy.

          Warranty shall be any obligation incurred by the trader or manufacturer to the user in addition to its obligation under this Act to ensure compliance of the goods with the contract, to recover the amount paid or to replace or repair the product, or to provide other types of services related the goods when it does not meet the specifications or any other requirements related to conformity of the goods with the contract of sale referred to in the application for the commercial guarantee or in the advertisement made ​​at the time of or prior to signing the contract.

          With each delivery of products subject to warranty service, WWW.GETA.BG issue and providing consumers proper warranty card showing the details of the product and warranty terms and conditions set out all of the commercial warranty, if any.

          The user can not invoke their rights and loses from trade warranty:

          a) in case of lost warranty card;

          b) in an attempt to repair and removal of non-compliance by non-authorized WWW.GETA.BG person or service center;

          c) in the case of damage caused by improper use;

          d) In case of violation of the physical integrity of the product;

          e) in the case of chemical, electrical and / or other effects unrelated to the normal operation of the product;

          Provided commercial product warranty does not cover components of the product with a limited shelf life (batteries, consumables, etc..). Warranty service is performed only in these warranty service centers in the presence of full documentation and accessories product.

          Products and services mentioned in this site are limited to those mentioned in the Site Disclaimer and information provided without any guarantees beyond those, including commercial and target. Obligations of WWW.GETA.BG for products and services offered in this Site shall be governed by the relevant agreements with importers and / or distributors of the products.

          10 Other

          WWW.GETA.BG has the right to unilaterally change the conditions for the supply of goods provided and any other information published on the Site without notice to User.

          WWW.GETA.BG reserves the right to send the User messages related to new products and services, promotions and / or changes in the conditions and methods for delivery of the offered goods and any other information published on 
          Questions, inquiries and consulting the User may be made to issues and inquiries e-mail: multitherm@abv.bg, or tel: 02/442 07 36 during business hours: 8:30 to 17:30 hours, Monday to Friday.

          These Terms and Conditions may be updated at any time by posting on the site is deemed to notify users of changes. When using the Site WWW.GETA.BG, users undertake to comply with these Terms and applicable to the site's products and services legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria, including international law.

          BY CLICKING (click) for each site, link or button on the website of WWW.GETA.BG, as well as a link to these general terms) and it is believed he is familiar with the terms, accept them and undertakes to respect them .

          WWW.GETA.BG coordinates are as follows:

          Bulgaria, 1220 Sofia, 3 Prof.Ivan Georgov str.

          Tel: 02/442 07 36 / e-mail: multitherm@abv.bg / WWW.GETA.BG

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